Machine Learning Development Services

A new level of automation of business processes, analytics, predictions, and a new angle of development.

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Machine Learning Solutions

Nowadays, the most valuable resource on Earth is data. Both enterprises and small companies, customers, and each of us generate terabytes of data every minute. And Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are ideal tools to make this data work for your business and improve the areas where it is needed the most.

A.I. Model Development

Our full stack deep learning and proprietary techniques allows us to build quality machine learning products.

Data Labeling

Our qualified data labelers create highly accurate labeled training datasets for machine learning.

Predictive Algorithms

Analysis and probabilistic algorithms for predicting a users behaviors and preferences

Computer Vision

Pattern recognition and identification, in photos and videos

Natural Language Processing

Recognition of texts, identification of meanings and generation of texts indistinguishable from human

Intelligent Chatbots

For popular instant messengers, sites, and mobile applications

Big Data Analytics

Finding patterns and revealing insights in large volumes of composite data