Certified Professional Penetration Tester

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Students who complete the requirements and pass the exam earn the Certified Professional Penetration Tester(CPPT) certification.

Certification requirements

Students must have one of the following:
Either have achieved pro hacker status badge or above on (HTB) "Hack The Box" and or have achieved there OSCP through offensive security

Submit Four or more writeups

Four or more writeups from any of the following boxes on hack the box active machines only.
You cannot use retired machines and your submission must be from one easy box, two medium boxes, and one hard box, also you cannot use the same writeups from your (OSCP) exam submission they must be from HTB

Answer multiple choice questions

You must pass in the 75th percentile to obtain your (CPPT) certification from us. The exam is upwards of about 20 questions and may vary from time to time.

Perform a professional security audit

You will be provided a website to perform a security audit on and you will be required to submit a report to us within a 24 hour period.

Certified Fruad Mitigation Specialist

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