Searching beyond the bounds of human intuition

We integrate automation, machine learning, and cybersecurity to rapidly accelerate the pace of scientific advancement.
Were leveraging machine learning to make discoveries far beyond the bounds of human intuition. In doing so, we deliver economic value, material diversity and performance capabilities not previously possible.

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Solution Acceleration

Our technology helps clients win with intelligent, transparent, and trusted AI powered digital systems

Data Science

Data Science is a rapidly emerging technology focused on applying data science to prevent, detect, and remediate expanding and evolving cybersecurity threats.

Data driven

Hive Forensics is making smarter cybersecurity a reality through the power and promise of data and artificial intelligence.

Breakthrough Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could be one of humanity’s most useful inventions. We research and build AI systems that learn how to solve problems and advance the frontiers of knowledge and unlock new avenues of scientific discovery and improving the lives of billions of people

We leverage artificial intelligence for smarter cybersecurity

We are changing the game for cybersecurity by analyzing massive quantities of risky data in order to speed up response times and augment security operations

Mitigate Identity Theft

An increase in security equates to an increase in trust. Adding Hive Forensics to your risk assessment protocol will fortify your company's integrity while ensuring the peace-of-mind your business deserves, our advanced machine learning models are capable of detecting common forged identity cards adding an extra layer of security; granting you a smarter way in verification all while using the power of A.I. to detect possible risks exposing the fakes.